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Dangerous ratings


Call back and ask the name of guy answered. Didn't answer and hang off. 100% scam!


Scammer Mike needs to get a real job, he wanted me to call back asap


Pain in the ****, won't stop calling and they start calling early in the morning


When phone pick up, no reply on other end.

Positive ratings


ventyx 10271 shellbridge way suite 300 richmond


government of alberta provincial building 111-54 street edson


university of alberta 114 street-89 avenue edmonton


pride of muskoka 1785 beaumont drive bracebridge

Annoying ratings


Not sure if this is pertinent, but called at 5:00 PM, will update later if it happens again


TD Credit Card related


Xentel DM: fundraising telejunkers-for-hire ( Noting all the CID's I've ever had from this persistent telemarketer that does not honour DNC requests. Additional notes: number is from announcer on 519-489-0293, meaning that calls have not been received from 800-784-9163, but that this is an inbound number for the same telespammer.


I put my numbed to try to get my canadian visa or residence and i didnt think they would call me

Neutral ratings


Received a call from this number. I answered, there was a lot of dead air, then a weird buzzing noise. After the buzz, the line was disconnected.


This number calls us several times a day and when I answer there is only silence on the other end.Tried calling the number back but get the message. "This number is not in service"


It's a junk removal place in Calgary, Alberta


What's up. I used to work for Acrobat. The survey you guys are getting called for is a very general satisfaction study being conducted on behalf of the banks. They just ask the name of the bank so the program will input the name into the satisfaction questions. Nothing personal is asked, and if you feel a question IS personal, the representative will skip the question for you, they don't want to make anyone uncomfortable. Only question you cant decline, otherwise the survey terminates is Which ban

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