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This number should be a landline from Montreal - USA, Canada. This number seems to be used for a classical telemarketing, or it is a directly some general call centre. They usually work for some third company and call with offer of some goods or services for the actual company they were hired for. In this case the number is mostly reported in connection with surveys, a legitimate service, but in most cases a nuisance call...


total scammers - be warned. do not fall for their tactics nor engage with them.


As the title says it was someone from Rogers and I doubt they were from Hamilton.


cbv collections

Positive ratings


bc bike race vancouver


dmsretail 46 bilbrough st aurora


move, inc markham


magna international inc 120 moon acres rd aurora

Annoying ratings


Spam text message, trying to bait a return call/text.


Received two calls from this number this afternoon. I have two phone lines and the calls came back-to-back separated by less than a second, which means that they are just doing a phone book attack through an autodialer. Neither call left a message. Just dead air on the machine.According to complaints left on other phone-spam reporting sites, the callers claim to be from either Bell Canada or Sunlife Financial. They ask for private details, then offer false names and fake return phone numbers when asked to i


Called me with regards to a delayed bag with Air Canada


Survey. Waste of time.

Neutral ratings


The line was dead when I picked up and said hello. Said hello again and then a series of blasting tones came through into my ear(as when you leave a line off the hook). I called the number back and it just rang repeatedly and no one picked up.If they ever call again I will be calling the police and having them charged with harassment.


I received several phone calls from this number at 2:30 AM. It woke me and My Wife up while sleeping. It seems it is a fax machine trying to send a fax msg.


Called, left no message, allegedly is from Montreal, Canada


Called on my cell phone ( Telus ) As I never answer masked calls, I let it rang. They left a voice mail wich says : '' Hi this is .... From the Quebec Gouvernement ( I am in the province of Quebec )please call back @ 450-967-4489 and report this case number.( He left a serie of number )I find it suspicious I mean if it was really the governement would'nt they appear as ''Governement of quebec'' on my phone ? and would'nt I easily find the said number on the internet ?

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