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Phone number: 9057925213

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Average rating (1-10) 7
Number of comments 1
First date of search 2018-09-27 10:57:57
Last search 2020-05-31 05:48:52
Number of searches 94
Number of reviews 1
Country Canada
Country code +1 (001)
City Greater Toronto Area
Directional local 905 (0905)
Code 1905 (001905)
Remarks This number is neutral.

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There is no name in the caller ID. The call was transferred to my answering machine; no message was left. When I search for this number online, there are only websites complaining about calls from this number.The number is most likely spoofed; I live in the GTA; we are still being targeted by "Air Duct Cleaning Services"; I suspect it is them. I will leave this number blocked.


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Number of views : 18832612
Hits today : 3638
Number of comments : 371441
Positive ratings : 366780
Neutral ratings : 2139
Annoying ratings : 201
Dangerous ratings : 2321

Dangerous ratings


Calls multiple times a day. Annoying as hell.


This company is a SCAM. Will steal your money


campaign research


Debt collection scam run by Commercial Credit Adjusters (CCA) Limited based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada that have telemarketing/scam centres in various Canadian provinces. They are either trying to collect ficticous debts or the debts of a third party th

Positive ratings


sun life financial inc 150 king st west toronto


ritchie bros auctioneers incorporated 6500 river road richmond


other home furnishings wholesaler-distributors


department of justice bank of canada building 234 wellington street east tower ottawa

Annoying ratings


Receiving outdated (they claim April, and yet we're in the middle of May) SPAM FAXES from 613-236-0076 & 403-441-6802 & 954-586-1800, supposedly from The Mergers and Acquisitions Dept AKA Wall Street International AKA Sun America Capital AKA Transcontinental Equity Group AKA William Liebowitz World Headquarters AKA Chicago Capital Corporation AKA Seminar Corporation of America. This just screams SCAM! This is clearly stupidity at it's finest folks. More than likely it is a Nigerian 419 Sca


Claims to work with Scotiabank and other Banks to offer "clients insurance for everyday needs like Life, accidental or medical" Asked for verification, and just claimed Gov't personal.


"Lisa" at this number sent a text message asking if we could give our support to a federal political party. We are on the Do Not Call/Do Not Text List. No respect for the law that "her" own party created. This reduces my confidence in that party. Reluctant to reply in case it is a scam.


This Jessica pacilio from Calgary ,uses different numbers to date and carry on with married men , and continues to do so . Until they break up .

Neutral ratings


Fraud. Scheme telling you that you've filled out a ballet and have been randomly selected as a winner pertaining to some promotion. I led him along for a couple of minutes to waste his time where I then proceeded to hang up on him. He could have made 2-3 phone calls in that time span. Hopefully, others will follow suit. Waste their time and they eventually will give up. Be diligent! I've noticed a drastic decline in the number of calls from fraudsters and telemarketers.


Recorded message fromSBC Global looking for a few businesses to design a free website for


Unsolicited unwanted fax received from this number - 613-800-1188 - that is the fax number given on their cover page, though the fax header information does not correctly identify the sending fax number. When I called, I clearly heard children in the background. That and the address suggest to me it's a home business. Other contact info is:Crystal Bookkeepingcrystal-bookkeeping.ca166 Owl Drive Ottawa ON K1V 9P6phone 613-322-8139The fax requests you send an email to be removed from their list - I wouldn


Same outfit that has been calling for months. It used to be "Heather" but now it is "Stacy" with some ambiguous story about credit card interest rates. Never annouces exactly "what" company they mean. I reported Heather and her phonr number, which shows up as 850.433.1850 from Pensacola, Florida to FTC. They said they are investigating this outfit and since the investigation is underway, she couldn'tcomment further. The FTC case reference# is 138-28828.

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