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Phone number: 9056745986

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Phone number security level
Average rating (1-10) 1
Number of comments 5
First date of search 2018-09-27 17:53:22
Last search 2020-05-28 12:11:20
Number of searches 150
Number of reviews 5
Country Canada
Country code +1 (001)
City Greater Toronto Area
Directional local 905 (0905)
Code 1905 (001905)
Remarks Warning, this number can be dangerous.

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The automated message told me it was the Tax Department at the CRA and they were issuing an arrent warrant in my name once the message was left and they would be here to arrest me. Need to call back to 905-674-5986


If Law enforcers not shutting them down eventually someone will hurt badly or some dude will track them down kill them all. To prevent disaster, LAW enforcers should take action as quickly as possible, put them behind bar.


Robocall - apparently I have a court case pending against me, as of when I answered the call. Also, I may have and arrest warrant issued towards me. Funny how the message NEVER mentions my name or any other personally identifying information. No reference


hung up - heard of this on news - same as below ... court case pending re CRA etc and all my debit/credit cards/banks will be frozen SCCCCAAAMMMM


Call was robotic and said there's a case filed against me and I need to clear the details by calling a specific number which I did not get down cause I hang up midway


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I'm glad I have call display! Today 416-000-6697 came up (Feb 27th) and yesterday 416-000-5591 called. While it was ringing yesterday I searched the net for the number to see whether or not it was legit. Realized it was the warranty scam so I didn't pick up. My cell provider, Bell Mobility, says these are autodialers as my number is private and not published anywhere.


20100723 at 12:57CST - same scam, now a different number: 1-905-215-8898.BTW, Kasha, I'm a fella. :-)


Another CRA scam


see above


Annoying - not sure who they are

Positive ratings


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diabetes society seeking clothing donations


spams my phone w/. txt msgs.WHOIS information for :[Querying][Redirected to][Querying][]Domain 1stdollarstop.comDate Registered: 2012-1-18Date Modified: 2012-1-18Expiry Date: 2013-1-18DNS1: ns-canada.topdns.comDNS2: ns-uk.topdns.comDNS3: ns-usa.topdns.comRegistrant Sarah Jowell 26 Tennerman Rd 92630 Ridge Edge United States Tel: +1.587-632-5441Administrative Contact Sarah Jowell sarahj


Some sort of Internet based phone because it started sounding weird. Based on above messages, I'm putting this number in my "spam#". Next time my phone rings, it will say "spam#" and I won't bother picking it up. They eventually go away if they don't get replies.The message said they were calling from Quebec and if this is a cell phone blah, blah, blah.


Seems it is a Mandarin or Cantonese caller.


this ended up being a call from Bell Canada marketing spam calls promoting their tv and Internet services, sounded like out-sourcing again, guy with accent hard to understand. :(

Neutral ratings


some sick bastard left a perverted message on my answering machine with my daughter singing on it saying "i bet that little girl would sound a whole lot better with a penis in her mouth. call me back b***h" i think youd sound a whole lot better with a shotgun in your mouth buddy. this number should be shut down, it sounds like its nothing but trouble.


The first call left dead air on the answering machine. They called again a short time later, but nobody was on the line when I answered.A Google search suggests that this is NRG Research Group ( doing a market research survey. They are based in Winnipeg, MB, but the number on the call display indicates a cell phone number from B.C. Very odd.


They called previously to say that this was EnviroTech and that they were doing a very brief survey. He had my name and address. When I asked about where he was calling from and about the short caller id number, the polite young man explained that the caller id was a VOIP number. I asked if they had a landline number and he said he didn't know it. He asked 1. Does anyone in your household have asthma 2. Do you have pets 3. Do you own your home? 4. Are you married? or similar. Maybe there was one more q


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