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I checked with the police, and this is a scam. The message that is left that you need to call them back or contact an attorney is a false. If you speak with them directly, they'll tell you that you need to send money to the CRA for taxes, but they have a


not for me


Message robotisé, homme/femme, numéros variés, vous demande de rappeler le département fiscal/fraude à l'agence du Revenu du Canada pour vérifier une déposition émit contre vous (message tjrs en angla


Said to call him back about a case number or they would put a search Warrant out for my arrest. The voice mail was left by a bot

Positive ratings


government of new brunswick p o box 6000 fredericton


government of new brunswick p o box 6000 chestnut complex 3rd floor fredericton


airmaster sales ltd 400 keewatin st winnipeg


capilano college north vancouver

Annoying ratings


Unknown caller keeps calling no messages


All the same SPAMMING people : 800-486-9777 / 800-425-2052 / 905-361-0789 / / / Pro Info Tech, 2800 Skymark Avenue # 4, Mississauga, ON, CANADA L4W 5A6 /


Canadian Pharmacy is well-known among spam researchers. Run out of Russia by a company called Glavmed, it has been one of the more successful e-mail scams run over the last couple of years.


I received a text from this number this morning telling me that my payday loan payment was due this Friday and to call 905-544-2050 to confirm my appointment. I don't take payday loans and I have no appt.. So this is obviously spam to recruit customers to their service.

Neutral ratings


Thick accent, something about quoting medical prescription cost


Got a call from 780-665-3119 wanting to do a survey. I asked where they got my number. They said they buy lists but refused to tell me where they got my number. I hung up.


some sick bastard left a perverted message on my answering machine with my daughter singing on it saying "i bet that little girl would sound a whole lot better with a penis in her mouth. call me back b***h" i think youd sound a whole lot better with a shotgun in your mouth buddy. this number should be shut down, it sounds like its nothing but trouble.


This apparently is some kind of collection agency. I did answer because it showed a name of PC Solomon and I happened to know a family with that name. They asked to speak with a person with a name similar to mine. I told them they had wrong number. They called again a few days later & asked for the same person...I again told them there was no such person living here & to stop annoying me.

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