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I answered and heard a robotic voice deliver a threat of arrest if I didn't call back immediately.


If anyone knows of an effective way to stop these guys, please post it here or on any of the other related numbers. Not referring to the totally ineffective national DNC lists, which should actually be avoided.Outbound scam calls trying to sell car extended warranty. Obviously a spoofed number. As reported below by V, Trevor and others, there are many variations of complaints from calls starting with 416-000-XXXX and they are all related to this same outfit. Other related numbers include: 416-000-4469; 416-


Told me she was from TD bank and asked to speak to me. I told her I wasn't home, hung up and blocked the number. I'm not a customer of TD and this number doesn't bring up any connections to TD in google. Definitely a scam


the man wanted my adress and personnal info wich I didn't gave him, and he did not want to tell me for wich debt he was calling for and he hung up on me.

Positive ratings


cgi group inc 1130 sherbrooke street west 7th floor montreal


university of winnipeg


tekmar control systems ltd 5100 silver star road vernon


cgi group inc 1130 sherbrooke street west 7th floor montreal

Annoying ratings


kept on calling


Rogers voicemail


Offered a way to play the stock market with a program that will make you rich. It sounded to good to be true.


Feb 4, 2014 @15:18 MSTGot the standard automated message - something along the lines of: 'Congratulations! For being a valued Telus customer, we have a prize. Press 1 to accept." I was busy today and didn't have time to play around with them. The BIG DIFFERENCE between this call and the numerous others I have received in the past, is that they are now spoofing an actual valid & working phone number. The number actually belongs to a company who has no clue or connection to this phone-spamm

Neutral ratings


This is what CBC News had to say (June 2011):The Florida-based Vortex Debt Group currently has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau in the U.S. and has been banned from operating in the state of Missouri because of alleged deceptive and unfair trade practices.


Recording saying I won Air Miles points. I hung up.


They call back for a job interview, but they do not want to mention the company name. Is it an escort place? 416-682-7000 But they say to reach Ashley at # 1-800-630-8750.


Calls twice on a daily basis and there is nothing but dead airspace on the line probably the same between his ears.

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