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portaone, inc coquitlam


portaone, inc coquitiam


portaone, inc 2963 glen drive suite 400 coquitiam


portaone, inc 2963 glen drive suite 200 coquitiam


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Dangerous ratings


It's a scammer


I have received a call from this phone number and I called them back right away. They asked for my name (I provided) then my SIN#. I told them that I will not provide that to them until I know what is the phone call about. I asked them is they can find the requested information through my name. They said no. Then I told them that there have been these scams going around and therefore will not provide my SIN#. I then asked questions like: Who are you? Where are you calling from? From which province? And why


Canada pharmacy


I looked up the number that he left and got this review:"the company is called "Atlantic Processing" i called back and asked then thanked them and hung up. i was called back by a number that showed up as "No Caller ID" it sounded like the Rude man that i had talked to. he said that i hung up on him and said i was acting childish, called me a liar (he says i didn't say thank you). he then said he was he could help me. i said you already did thank you and i hunk up again. I'm thinkin

Positive ratings


prairie lamb kabob 4300 steeles avenue markham


university of victoria po box 1700 station csc victoria


college of the north atlantic


ache records 1001 w broadway 101 vancouver

Annoying ratings


Didn't answer because I was driving. Caller ID just says "TELLCITYHALL".


Their barebones website confirms that they telespam on behalf of charities:"Call Centre Management and Consultancyfor the not for profit sector303-788 Beatty StreetVancouver, BCV6B 2M1Ph: 604-683-3804Fax: 604-683-3807For inquiries, please e-mail us at"Domain name: donordirect.caDomain status: EXISTDomain number: 1250422Approval date: 2005/06/18Renewal date: 2012/06/18Updated date: 2009/07/08Registrar:Name: DomainPeople, Inc.Number: 192Registrant:Name:


This company (Advantage Plus Heating & Plumbing: has been phoning at the end of summer for the past two years, trying to drum up business. They're offering inspections and repairs for heating and ventilation systems.I've seen a lot of complaints about this phone number on other spam-reporting sites. So far, they've only called me once, but once is too much according to the CRTC's Do Not Call rules. Unsolicited calls are supposed to be forbidden. Seei


Received two calls from this number this afternoon. I have two phone lines and the calls came back-to-back separated by less than a second, which means that they are just doing a phone book attack through an autodialer. Neither call left a message. Just dead air on the machine.According to complaints left on other phone-spam reporting sites, the callers claim to be from either Bell Canada or Sunlife Financial. They ask for private details, then offer false names and fake return phone numbers when asked to i

Neutral ratings


It is a Best Buy Person working for the Human Resources. Located in Burnaby, BC, Canada


Called on behalf of West Jet to award a prize?????


This business calls several times a week, and leaves no message and has for quite some time now. The one time I answered the lady on the other end asked if this was Abitex Internet, which used to be my husbands internet service and web design business. I asked what she was needing and she answered my question with a question. She asked if this was a company. I answered her and since my husband was at work, I asked could I leave a message. She left her name, number, and extension. But never told me what she


Here we go again -- we get a call from an air duct cleaning company EVERY SINGLE DAY!. You can block the number until you are blue in the face they just use a different number. I am so fed up with these calls I am seriously considering giving up my land line. I am on the do not call list and I have repeatedly asked to be removed from their call list but without success. DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!

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