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Definitely a credit card scam. I called my local bank from which the card was supposedly issued and their voicemail recording indicates it is a scam. Disregard the message. Your identity and CC information are secure.




Called yesterday & today, husband answered would not state what the call was in regards to! I was looking at flights on the net?????


criminal behavior as a Corp

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mac's 1821 dewitt ave mattoon


cbc radio-canada 250 university avenue moncton


human resources and social development canada 140 promenade du portage gatineau


canadian national railway co

Annoying ratings


647-247-5358, is a number managed by the Telecom company Fibrenetics, however the number has been used as of 2016-12, as a telemarketing SPOOF number. So beware, it may be live now, but if you are looking here, this number could be phone SPAMMERs.


Like most Windows & Doors companies, Ontario Choice is yet another telespammer. Been getting call attempts from them for months - their number is on permanent block. Obviously, double-glazing salesmen have a bad reputation for a clear reason.


they call 4-5 times a day only rings twice , goes to voicemail but they dont leave a message. i called back and found they collect for capital one mastercard. when i called them back it went to their voicemail so i left my number to call me back at a time i will be home. they never called. hahaha maybe i should call them 6-10 times a day and drive them nuts. i think i will.


Canadian company selling outsourced email hosting with anti-spam

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Called on behalf of the Multiple Sclerosis Society to ask for donation. I declined. That was in the morning. They called again in the afternoon!


plz send the address details


Has called a number of times over the last month or two and never left a message. Today they left a message, I think asking for a return call (talked fast). A Google search reveals this info: 122 Manville Rd #3Scarborough ON, M1L 4J5Phone #: 416-755-8040Key contact: Danny Ramphal I have never been to Canada, nor do I ever plan to go. YOU HAVE THE WRONG NUMBER. STOP CALLING US!


2nd phone call in two days , claims to be survey outfit [Ipsos Reid]? from winnipeg, but Phone area code is from Montreal (514). Agent was unable to give a Local Phone number in Winnipeg, gave a 800 number. (800 numbers are not local -they are toll-free). Politely declined to speak with agent further, as he was unable to give a local contact number. Claims to be Doing a survey on 'Healthcare' on extended care services.

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