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Dangerous ratings


Strange caller, asked for one of our employees by name, and after being transferred to that employee hung up after brief period of small talk.


Scam. Call the number back and it's in Canada where an Indian man answers screaming at you and calling you names.


Dunno they say nothing


SCAM!!! BIG TIME!This is the major scam that is going on here in Canada. They leave a message stating that they are from CRA (Canada Revenue Agency).If you get this, DO NOT.. .I MEAN DO NOT!!! CALL THEM BACK!!!CRA does NOT make calls like this to people! NEVER!They threaten people to try and make them send money, which of course, again, CRA NEVER EVER does!Do NOT get sucked into them, not matter what they say on the message or even if you get a live person.SCAM BIG TIME! I jut can't emphasize it enough

Positive ratings


government of alberta 14th fl commerce place, 10155-102 street edmonton


government of new brunswick p o box 6000 chestnut complex 3rd floor fredericton


public works and government services canada (pwgsc) cd howe building, c level, 235 queen street ottawa


adjuvants plus inc kingsville

Annoying ratings


This number comes from Toronto, Ontario. I don't answer unknown numbers and they left no message. Have missed calls from them on my mobile, was trying to dig some info on the internet before calling them back, but found nothing, no luck. People pls did someone answer this number, who is it?


I haven't found any ratings for this number somewhere else on internet resources, which should be a good sign... Does someone have some experience with this one? Was trying also different formats of this number, but no luck. On the other hand I am not the


Very "Important Message" apparently from Air Mile Canada as indicated by pre-recordingProvider Phone Company: BELL CANADALine Type: Land LineSwitch: TOROON01DS0Telemarketer SPAM


This caller left dead air on my answering machine.Searching for more info on Google reveals very little info about this number. Other phone spam-reporting sites also mention either no answer when picking up dead air on their machines.

Neutral ratings


Got a call from this number today with a woman on the other end telling me that I had recently offered to donate a generous amount of money to BC Children's Hospital. I told her "No, I have not offered to give a generous amount as I am on a disability and I usually donate at my local grocery store when I shop and each year when they have a telethon I give what I can". She became upset and was quite rude and insisted that I was going to give a very generous amount. Noone called me before and I


Called 3:21 pm on Sun, 12/17/06, Marietta GA. Asked for me by name. I said I wasn't here. They wouldn't leave a message.


I am also on the do not call list, Watch out some of these callers want you to call back, some of them charge a very dollar per min rate which you wont find out untill your next statement comes in.


It is NAFS of Canada. I asked them to provide documentation of the debt. They said "We don't have to prove you owe this, just give us a payment by phone". I declined. Woman got very rude. Asked for a manager, got after 5 minutes of holding a dorky guy who picked up the phone and screamed. I called back and got the receptionist. I asked her for an address to send a certified ceast and desist order. She told me I could fax it. I told her I was reading the law online as we spoke and it implicitl

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