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Average rating (1-10) 1
Number of comments 11
First date of search 2018-09-26 16:08:52
Last search 2020-05-28 08:25:22
Number of searches 202
Number of reviews 11
Country Canada
Country code +1 (001)
City Ontario
Directional local 705 (0705)
Code 1705 (001705)
Longitude | Latitude 34.0778000 | -117.6261000
Remarks Warning, this number can be dangerous.

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Received voice mail from "officer Paul Turner" purporting to represent the CRA. Tone was somewhat threatening, telling me I must call the "minute" I receive the message (either me or my "attorney" must call...). Telling me threateningly "don't try to disregard this call." If he didn't hear from me or my attorney, the "the only thing he can do is wish me luck as the situation unfolds around me." He then hangs up after saying "goodbye and good luck.&quo


I called the number back, they asked for my name, I did not give a name, I mentioned I work at a Law office and call was disconnected right away. I called a few more times and no one picked up.


This is a CRA phone scam. Do not call them back.


I returned this phone call that was left on my voicemail, with same scenario saying it was Officer Turner. They asked for my first and last name... so when I said I don't know who I'm calling and I'm not comfortable giving and information unless they can verify who they are.... she hung up on me.


Said they were with CRA. Tax enforcement branch. Should have attorney call back. Asked for name and SIN#. "Very serious" must "respond immediately" if you don't then "good luck". Provided an employee number 210294 on request only. CRA practice requires provision of employee number immediately and there is always a geographical indicator in the number. Gave me address of 1 Front Street as the regional office from which they were calling. Area code is for outside of Toron


The caller indicated that they were Officer Paul Turner from Revenue Canada. I was asked for my name and social insurance number. When I provided the wrong number I was hung up on with no request to clarify


Recorded announcement - cleamied to be CRA and threatened legal action if I do not call back. BALONEY.


I have received a call from this phone number and I called them back right away. They asked for my name (I provided) then my SIN#. I told them that I will not provide that to them until I know what is the phone call about. I asked them is they can find the requested information through my name. They said no. Then I told them that there have been these scams going around and therefore will not provide my SIN#. I then asked questions like: Who are you? Where are you calling from? From which province? And why


Do not call back, scammers with nothing better to do than rip people off.


Threatened legal action claiming to be from the cra. Call came through at almost 6pm.


Pretended to be from tax office


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Trying to sell me timeshare


sales bull


Scammers, since they are rude and ignore Canada's do not call list!


scam- recording telling me I won 250,000 aeromile points, pls press 1 now blah blah blah.


Telling a scamster that you're busy in the hopes that they won't call back, doesn't work. The fact that they want credit card information for a "free" trip should be a red flag. Google is your friend: - rip-off reports a-plenty:


Parading as CRA (canada revenue agency). Tells you to call back once you hear the message (gives the same number) and threatens that an arrest warrant will be issues for you if you do not.


Third call this week trying to sell me a new furnace. Too bad to see what I thought was a good company (Canada Furnace) getting into this kind of phone harassment while trying to sell their products...sure, I'm going to buy from them now that I'm totally *


Calls multiple times a day.


from Edmonton, AB, Canada. Picked up the phone & received an automated voice message indicating I had won a dream vacation based on a draw they claim I entered at Wal-Mart, Macy's, and a couple of other U.S. based stores not even available in Canada. Hung up after this as it sounded like a SCAM since I don't recall providing any of the stores listed my personal information.

Positive ratings


aon consulting inc


university of victoria po box 1700 stn csc victoria


guard rfid solutions inc richmond


prysmian cables&systems 9 broadville,,on brockville


mitel networks corporation ottawa


government of ontario, canada mcmurtry-scott building 720 bay st toronto


government of newfoundland and labrador confederation building po box 8700 st john's


enbridge inc 10201 jasper ave edmonton


university of northern british columbia 3333 university way prince george

Annoying ratings


TD Credit Card related


Called at dinnertime, answering machine came on, they hung up. I called the # back and got a recorded message saying that "This extension 403-986-4012 is not available, sorry mailbox is full, goodbye. That proves it's just a tele-spammer.


i received a call. did not call back. I dont call back numbers i dont know. Does anybody have some info about this number?


Rogers voicemail


this is my voice mail but i dont know why? i should be calling my own number


Stupid idiots keep calling over and over and over just like their sister company, who is calling from this number in Ontario, Canada, 613-230-2890, apparently asking for the exact same information. I yelled at the man on the other end to never call back, the number he called is on the DO NOT CALL LIST and he will be reported. And I followed through with the Quebec number and the Ontario number. Sick of SPAM!


Metal storage building company. calls only if you requested their product information.




Started calls at 545am. No voice. Robocall

Neutral ratings


I have received several calls from this number for the past two weeks,however when I pick up the phone no one ever responds.On one occasion I got a auto attendant advising me that "no one was available to take my call at this time".To say the least this is very annoying and my residence phone is registered on the "do not call" list.If someone couldcontact these intrusive bastards and demand that they stop calling this number it would be most appreciated.



I get calls from this number every two or three nights around 1:00 in the morning. I don't answer the calls. Every time they call twice in a row and don't leave a voicemail. This has happened four times. According to this website, the number is from a landline in Alberta, Canada.


wanted to refinance my credit cards


Aloha! dvk


Phoned a few times wondering who it is,


Same outfit that has been calling for months. It used to be "Heather" but now it is "Stacy" with some ambiguous story about credit card interest rates. Never annouces exactly "what" company they mean. I reported Heather and her phonr number, which shows up as 850.433.1850 from Pensacola, Florida to FTC. They said they are investigating this outfit and since the investigation is underway, she couldn'tcomment further. The FTC case reference# is 138-28828.


These people (were from the us embassy in Mexico city, mexico)called & claim our grandson and his girlfriend were arrested and needed money..western union 1494.00 for the court and he would be release and put on a plane back to the states. The phone number 514-569-9455 is in montreal qc and is a landline. Paul Williams will claim that Sgt Christopher Hendal step and need the number to get the money and would text it to Christopher. They would not give us an email address as well. We found out our grands


There is no name in the caller ID. The call was transferred to my answering machine; no message was left. I am unable to find a legitimate listing for this number. I can only find telemarketing complaints.The number is most likely spoofed; I live in the GTA; we are still being targeted by "Air Duct Cleaning Services"; I suspect it is either them or people impersonating immigration services as others have pointed out. I will leave this number blocked.

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