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Phone number: 6138537543

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Phone number security level
Average rating (1-10) 4
Number of comments 1
First date of search 2018-10-01 02:14:09
Last search 2020-04-05 00:27:09
Number of searches 81
Number of reviews 1
Country Canada
Country code +1 (001)
City Ontario
Directional local 613 (0613)
Code 1613 (001613)
Longitude | Latitude 34.0778000 | -117.6261000
Remarks This number is neutral.

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Spam call. Chinese speaking.


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Number of views : 17421040
Hits today : 502
Number of comments : 371441
Positive ratings : 366780
Neutral ratings : 2139
Annoying ratings : 201
Dangerous ratings : 2321

Dangerous ratings


Threatening voice claiming to be from CRA (Canada Revenue Agency), with taxes owing by me. If I called that number, they could help me avert trouble with CRA.


The person was trying to have access to information without explaining why


This number just left a message that they were from the CRA and are going to put a lien on my assets. This is obviously a scammer (not that the thick Indian accent was a huge giveaway either


Strange caller, asked for one of our employees by name, and after being transferred to that employee hung up after brief period of small talk.

Positive ratings


Rogers Wireless Voicemail


celestica inc 1150 eglinton avenue east toronto


canadian chiropractic association toronto


hewlett-packard company (hp) mississauga

Annoying ratings


Stupid idiots keep calling over and over and over just like their sister company, who is calling from this number in Ontario, Canada, 613-230-2890, apparently asking for the exact same information. I yelled at the man on the other end to never call back, the number he called is on the DO NOT CALL LIST and he will be reported. And I followed through with the Quebec number and the Ontario number. Sick of SPAM!


they call 4-5 times a day only rings twice , goes to voicemail but they dont leave a message. i called back and found they collect for capital one mastercard. when i called them back it went to their voicemail so i left my number to call me back at a time i will be home. they never called. hahaha maybe i should call them 6-10 times a day and drive them nuts. i think i will.


spammer!! call originated from Nova scotia. Said my application for payday is approved, blah blah blah.


Please don’t call me again

Neutral ratings


There is no name or number in the caller ID. The call was transferred to my answering machine; a voice message was left. I must assume it is pre-recorded because my name was not mentioned and little information was given. Searching this number online, there are only websites complaining about telemarketers. I am unable to match this number against a legitimate business listing.The caller identified himself as John offering "home improvements like painting, flooring or complete kitchen or bathroom renov


hello its deanna


I want to know about sallary of mtc 3625 other country


WARNING ACID ATTACK ON WOMAN.PRIME SUSPECT ROBIN LAYBOURN.Does anyone recognize any of these men? (brutal acid attack in surrey) contact crime stoppers 1-800-222-TIPS with any information regarding this attack and the men who may be involved......we also believe that other men were involved in the planning of this targeted attack and we will be contacting them for questioning......DAN LAYBOURN OF VALLEY MOTORSPORTS AND SAGA CANADA HAS BEEN IDENTIFIED AS A PRIME SUS

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