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Phone number: 6137887980

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Average rating (1-10) 4
Number of comments 1
First date of search 2018-12-06 23:20:21
Last search 2020-08-15 20:12:01
Number of searches 230
Number of reviews 1
Country Canada
Country code +1 (001)
City Ontario
Directional local 613 (0613)
Code 1613 (001613)
Longitude | Latitude 34.0778000 | -117.6261000
Remarks This number is neutral.

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Called, no name in call display, did not leave message. Suspicious.


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Number of views : 20646478
Hits today : 24120
Number of comments : 371441
Positive ratings : 366780
Neutral ratings : 2139
Annoying ratings : 201
Dangerous ratings : 2321

Dangerous ratings


Says he's Revenue Canada and asked for my telephone number/name/ birthdate. I told him he wasn't from Revenue Canada and he asked "why you say that". I told him he was an effin **** scammer and not to call me again!!


debt collection...very insistent and intrusive


"grandson in trouble" scam. pathetic


Silent spam from Telus.

Positive ratings


natural resources canada ottawa


canadian self storage association orangeville


government of yukon highways&public works, w-12 box 2703 whitehorse


hamilton health sciences 50 charlton avenue east mumc-3h45 hamilton

Annoying ratings


Scam-spammer! Part of the alleged "Chinese Consulate", but this is a criminal-web with multiple phishing-branches. Though this call cites British Columbia as the location - numerous telephone numbers are used. (Recently, most begin with "212-244-____".


Compare the WHOIS info for and - identical information. No co-incidence that Xentel DM have been calling on behalf of the Shriners the same days they've been telespamming for the Old-timers' Hockey Challenge:CallBlock (416) 840-3098 TMG Call Blocked 2010-02-26 16:00:14CallBlock 647-722-5912 TMG Call Blocked 2010-02-26 19:27:01


аукцион в Канаде.


Canadian company selling outsourced email hosting with anti-spam

Neutral ratings


Cancun Travel - Free Trip Promotion


I've been recieving many bizarre phone related harrasements


Received 2 calls from this number today. Message was left 2nd time - a really lame voice synth of text.Message claims they represent CRA (Canada Revenue Agency), immediate action is needed to resolve outstanding debt, and I will contacted by their debt collector - failure to act will result in severe legal action.This is most bogus and lame fraud scheme I have seen in a while.I called 613-704-1362 back at 18:00 and a male answered as "CRA"He pulled my name from name display and asked to confirm my


This number is from Global Credit & Collection (in Montreal, Qc, Canada), they are a collection agency. Although they represent themselves as agents working for whatever institution is owed a debt. In our case it's a debt (of approx. 500$) that dates from more than 6 years ago, which we tried at the time to resolve with the bank in question. We were told that they no longer held that file and it had gone to a collection agency, hence the agent in question misrepresented herself as an agent of the b

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