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need canada number


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call 5 xs a day 7 days a week with EOS Canada and another name I cannot even understand. 416-477-9883 or 1877-503-2115


Guy is a liar. CRA will never call you up like this. Scam call.


SCAM!!! BIG TIME!This is the major scam that is going on here in Canada. They leave a message stating that they are from CRA (Canada Revenue Agency).If you get this, DO NOT.. .I MEAN DO NOT!!! CALL THEM BACK!!!CRA does NOT make calls like this to people! NEVER!They threaten people to try and make them send money, which of course, again, CRA NEVER EVER does!Do NOT get sucked into them, not matter what they say on the message or even if you get a live person.SCAM BIG TIME! I jut can't emphasize it enough


annoying jerks

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destiny resource services corp 444-58th avenue se calgary


rosebud technologies 3302 beauvais pl s lethbridge


saskatchewan teachers federation 2317 arlington avenue saskatoon


ace usa the exchange tower 130 king street west, 12th floor toronto

Annoying ratings


chinese speaking


Confirmed EOS Canada collection agency number. I most certainly have no collections against me. I called the company, they were super nice. Talked to first rep and I needed to be put in contact to a rep for my province. They transfer me to another nice person, I explained and boom, no problems. I'm told 24 to 48 hours before my number gets removed from their system (im guessing system, automated) and that was it. I almost WANT collection issues just to get nice calm polite telephone customer support again l


Not this freaking garbage again. Where do all these phone spammers come from? Bank of America in Canada? Yeah, right. Screen this number before they even call you.


Go Daddy account review

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Telemarketer CTC Marketing takes over where Guardian Communications left off231-224-2054 (CTC Marketing) illegal survey fromUnited Public Opinion Group.Robert Johnson pres.110 West 9th. Street Room 934Wilmington, DE 19801.302-661-1390Call offers two free cruise tickets for answering ten questions. Many calls in violation of DNC laws in US and Canada.231-224-2050 (Fremont MI / CTC Marketing) Pre-recorded calls about saving money on credit card interest rates. The operator would only say Accounts Management w


canada dry bottling co pennington mercer 08534-5225


The caller ID showed Canada Call. Where this is one I hadn't seen before and I had some time to play their games I decided to pick up on the call. The line disconnected as soon as I picked up. Guess it's another mystery to solve.


Teleperformance Canadamarket research416-922-3519 888-922-3519 Fax 416-922-7830Address: 365 Bloor St E, Toronto GTA, ON M4W 3L4

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