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Dangerous ratings


Definitely a phishing scam. Needs to be prosecuted for fraud and theft of personal info.


I answered and it rang like ai was calling them.....heard a bunchbof people talking about surveys and then it hung up


Pre-recorded message claiming to be from CRA and requesting immediate call back to this number, from you or your attorney, due to crime issue related to your CRA account. Clearly a scam call as it breaks every rule on what a real agency would do if there was an issue with your account


why they calling me

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ontario financing authority 14th flr 1 dundas st w toronto


the bank of nova scotia 1001-715 hewitson street suite unit: thunder bay


leo hamel sawyerville


simon fraser university burnaby

Annoying ratings


647-247-5358, is a number managed by the Telecom company Fibrenetics, however the number has been used as of 2016-12, as a telemarketing SPOOF number. So beware, it may be live now, but if you are looking here, this number could be phone SPAMMERs.


Answer it next time


This Jessica pacilio from Calgary ,uses different numbers to date and carry on with married men , and continues to do so . Until they break up .


Not this freaking garbage again. Where do all these phone spammers come from? Bank of America in Canada? Yeah, right. Screen this number before they even call you.

Neutral ratings


Every time these jerks call file a complaint with the Do Not Call list, the federal trade commission, politicians or consumer action column in your local newspaper or TV station. A friend of mine was helped by a local TV station consumer action show to solve a dispute with a phone company.www.donotcall.govNAFS has an (F) rating with the better business bureau and a huge number of lawsuits filed against them.If you decide to call them which is a mistake then do not give out your social security number, credi


Have had this call twice about "vehicle warranty". Once today and once a couple weeks ago.Telus Mike network southern Alberta.Anyways anyone who feels the want to dig deeper may find this extremely useful:


Canadian Liquid Air Ltd4621 Burgoyne StMississauga ON, L4W 1G3Phone #: 905-625-3851Fax #: 905-625-1233


I received two calls yesterday (7//09) one after the other from this number. They left no message on my answering box and then they called my home at 3:18am on 7/10.The only thing that appears on my id box is the phone number and the word Ontario so I am assuming this number is from Canada.Can someone please help me.

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