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These bastards will not stop calling me and it pisses me off. They will hang up on you if you try to talk to a real person. Fuck them.


dont ever call again


robocall scam saying it was a Revenue Canada issue and I or my attorney of record should call the number or else go to court and pay.

Positive ratings


global hyatt corporation 700 centre st se calgary


nortel networks corporation toronto


calsource corp 333 metro park m210 rochester


government of ontario, canada 64 church st sault ste marie

Annoying ratings


Receiving outdated (they claim April, and yet we're in the middle of May) SPAM FAXES from 613-236-0076 & 403-441-6802 & 954-586-1800, supposedly from The Mergers and Acquisitions Dept AKA Wall Street International AKA Sun America Capital AKA Transcontinental Equity Group AKA William Liebowitz World Headquarters AKA Chicago Capital Corporation AKA Seminar Corporation of America. This just screams SCAM! This is clearly stupidity at it's finest folks. More than likely it is a Nigerian 419 Sca


chinese speaking


This number comes from Toronto, Ontario. I don't answer unknown numbers and they left no message. Have missed calls from them on my mobile, was trying to dig some info on the internet before calling them back, but found nothing, no luck. People pls did someone answer this number, who is it?


Just another local telejunker trying to sell windows or doors. CID was a clear enough sign not to pick up the phone. What is it about these Windows & Doors companies that gives them to propensity to telespam?

Neutral ratings


Long pause when I answered, telemarketer asking for my teenage daughter for the National Post. Not interested!


It is the Credit Bureau of Canada, or CBBC. I've told them several times that the person they are looking for is not at my number and they still keep calling. So every time they call me, I call back a whole bunch of times in a row and hang up when someone answers. It absolutely infuriates them and it makes me feel better. If everyone did that, maybe they'd pay attention when they are told that they have the wrong number.


MeloTel is a phone company that operates out of Toronto, Ontario. We are not a telemarketing company, we are a phone company whose recent initiatives do include making calls to other businesses across Canada to introduce ourselves and our services. Our telemarketing program is only 3 people and the policy is strictly to inform, not annoy. We will only ever call a business once and never be unprofessional in our quest to become your service provider. Should you have any comments, questions or concerns about


canada dry of delaware valley merchantville camden 8109

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