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Typical "prize pitch" scam. They call to say that you've won a "free" gift, then state that you have to pay a service/handling fee to receive it.Obviously, you should not send these people any money or give them any personal info!


they called and suggested to call back other wise i will be arrested. surely spam call.


caller called when we were on the other line, caller id said unknown name, caller did not leave a message, tried calling back and the number is not in service as recording states, looked it up on 1800 notes, no reports yet but number is out of quebec canada supposedly. SCAM no doubt i have half a mind to give then a real routing number with the numbers that spell out urascammer. next time i will and see who laughs last?


Good old "Officer Jame Anderson" called me again. He left a recorded message with the extremely sensitive issue. I called back and let him have it. He hung up after I said, "How do you live with yourself scaring and scamming people all day"

Positive ratings


government of canada-canadian food inspection agency 3085 albert street po box 8060 regina


transport canada ottawa


baxter international inc 4 robert speck parkway suite 700 mississauga


thomson reuters toronto

Annoying ratings


Called at dinnertime, answering machine came on, they hung up. I called the # back and got a recorded message saying that "This extension 403-986-4012 is not available, sorry mailbox is full, goodbye. That proves it's just a tele-spammer.




Feb 4, 2014 @15:18 MSTGot the standard automated message - something along the lines of: 'Congratulations! For being a valued Telus customer, we have a prize. Press 1 to accept." I was busy today and didn't have time to play around with them. The BIG DIFFERENCE between this call and the numerous others I have received in the past, is that they are now spoofing an actual valid & working phone number. The number actually belongs to a company who has no clue or connection to this phone-spamm


Called twice within seconds. Didn't leave a message either time.

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This number belongs to: Global Credit and Collection Corporation, 300 International Drive, Suite 100, Williamsville, NY 14221-5781They are a collection agency. Corporate office: 8133 Warden Avenue, Suite 400, Markham, ON, L6G 1B3Global Credit & Collection Inc., is a Canadian corporation that provides accounts receivable management solutions to the business community throughout Canada. Global awarded “Rookie of the Year” by Capital One Bank09/2007: Global


This guy said he was looking for Larry......I said there is no such person. He confirmed the phone number and it was my phone number under the name Larry.....Weird.....


Received a call from this number on my mobile phone in Canada. I did not answer.


SMT Direct Information:SMT Direct Marketing Inc.5255 Yonge St.Suite 1400Toronto, OntarioCanadaM2N 6P4Toll Free: 1-888-489-6856Tel: 416-485-6500Fax: 416-485-5635E-mail:

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