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Phone number: 4186503457

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Average rating (1-10) 10
Number of comments 8
First date of search 2018-09-22 11:52:17
Last search 2020-08-09 19:47:01
Number of searches 143
Number of reviews 8
Country Canada
Country code +1 (001)
City Québec (Québec City)
Directional local 418 (0418)
Code 1418 (001418)
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s s q financial group inc qu├âăĺ├é┬ębec


s s q financial group inc 2525 boulevard laurier sainte-foy


ssq financial group 10500 suite name?


s s q financial group inc 2525 boulevard laurier camp 10500 suite name?


s s q financial group inc sainte-foy


s s q financial group inc 10500 succ ste-foy suite name?


s s q financial group inc cp 10500 ste-foy


s s q financial group inc 2525 blvd laurier qu├âăĺ├é┬ębec


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Number of views : 20509266
Hits today : 22722
Number of comments : 371441
Positive ratings : 366780
Neutral ratings : 2139
Annoying ratings : 201
Dangerous ratings : 2321

Dangerous ratings


canada revenu agency 1 800-959-5525 so i wonder if some posting here are part of the scam??


The caller was asking me to deposit money a minimum of $250.00 into their account for them to facilitate my online trade. I told them i have no interest in online trading and they repeatedly called me and i declined. The caller then insulted on the phone.


Keep on calling from arizona and I'm from canada... so annoying I block the number


Marriott hotels randomly selected my number to receive free accommodations. Scammer!


Some guy from (New Tecumseth Ontario) phoned me in the morning at 10 am and left me a threatening message pretty much saying he was going to sue me. He had a really high pitched nasal voice and he would go in and out of being understandable. I think everyo


Scam. Call the number back and it's in Canada where an Indian man answers screaming at you and calling you names.


This number should be a landline from Pennsylvania - USA, Canada. Most users report this number to be used by the Rapid Learning Institute - a telemarketing in action... They call with offers of their services, in most cases an unsolicited call.

Positive ratings


good earth coffee house&bakery calgary


citiwest structures, inc 2025 1st ave suite 350 seattle


government of saskatchewan room 726, 7th floor, l f mcintosh building, 800 central avenue prince albert


ontario northland transportation commission north bay


industry canada 235 queen street ottawa


public works and government services canada (pwgsc) 11 laurier street gatineau


hudson's bay company toronto

Annoying ratings


Completely bogus number -- spammer for sure.


Feb 4, 2014 @15:18 MSTGot the standard automated message - something along the lines of: 'Congratulations! For being a valued Telus customer, we have a prize. Press 1 to accept." I was busy today and didn't have time to play around with them. The BIG DIFFERENCE between this call and the numerous others I have received in the past, is that they are now spoofing an actual valid & working phone number. The number actually belongs to a company who has no clue or connection to this phone-spamm


don't know them


Hmm, even the Caller ID doesn't say some info, does someone know who is this? Have got a missed call from this one, don't wanna call back since I do not know the number... And as it seems also someone else was looking for the same number - people did someone answer it? Who is behind this number?


Automated dialer, spam, spam, spam


Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)


It's Budd's Subaru, Oakville, Ontario, via MTS Allstream. Not a spammer after all.

Neutral ratings


This is from a company that sells bulk broadcast fax services to companies for advertising. They avoid U.S. "Do Not Call" laws because they're in Canada. Their call removal number is 866-317-4769. I'm looking for them. Their line is supplied by MTS Allstream.


THis 'Number ' is owned by Magic Theatre Productions, 21 King Street West, Suite#3, Cobourg,Ontario, Canada. They do Theatre Bookings for Not-For Profit Organizations, (However the 'Fee' is NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE), and they are phoneing on behalf of one chitable orgaization after another. THe typical Take for this is 50-70% for the Advertising Agents, and 30-50% for the Charitable Org. CHeck the TAX Status at Canada REvenue Agency before you 'DONATE', as you may find the Org is not


Another one of these "small-business loan" outfits masquerading as a government agency.


hung up on answering machine


This number belongs to: Global Credit and Collection Corporation, 300 International Drive, Suite 100, Williamsville, NY 14221-5781They are a collection agency. Corporate office: 8133 Warden Avenue, Suite 400, Markham, ON, L6G 1B3Global Credit & Collection Inc., is a Canadian corporation that provides accounts receivable management solutions to the business community throughout Canada. Global awarded “Rookie of the Year” by Capital One Bank09/2007: Global


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Recorded voice, female, endlessly repeating "For English press 1. For English press 1." Finally I did: the same voice said, "Thank you for contacting us. Please hold and an operator will be with you shortly." After a minute or so of hold music I hung up. I've only had this number for a month or so."

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