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Average rating (1-10) 10
Number of comments 8
First date of search 2018-09-22 11:52:17
Last search 2020-01-23 01:34:29
Number of searches 108
Number of reviews 8
Country Canada
Country code +1 (001)
City Québec (Québec City)
Directional local 418 (0418)
Code 1418 (001418)
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s s q financial group inc 2525 boulevard laurier camp 10500 suite name?


s s q financial group inc 2525 boulevard laurier sainte-foy


s s q financial group inc qu├âăĺ├é┬ębec


s s q financial group inc sainte-foy


s s q financial group inc cp 10500 ste-foy


s s q financial group inc 2525 blvd laurier qu├âăĺ├é┬ębec


ssq financial group 10500 suite name?


s s q financial group inc 10500 succ ste-foy suite name?


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collections agency


dont waste time to pick this up


Recorded message that a lien had been placed on my assets and bank accounts and that I had to call this number immediately


This is a well-known scam artist named Elizabeth Afonso. She lives at 31 Bethune Way, Markham, Ontario, L3S 4A5 Canada. Her parents are Antonio Afonso and Maria Ribeiro Afonso. She uses people's identities to commit fraud using online and local businesses. She also calls from her cell phone 416-414-9985 to people's homes and pretends to be from utility or cable companies and retries personal and private information and uses it for criminal activities. She has defrauded many people by opening accou


I believe these calls are from a Company called Master Research. They are engaged in a counterfeit bank check scam looking for willing victums who want to cash the fake checks they are sent under a pretence of evaluating the money transfer service at Wall-Mart. Folks who get involved in this apparently think their time is worth $300 a hour and they should be paid before they do any work. If you get a cashiers check for $2,990 from Master Research... do your self a favor and frame it, don't try to cash


debt collector


Robocall voice pretending to be CRA and threatenig to arrest me! Submit a report to . It'll take a few minutes, but might help if anyone falls for this. Can't believe they don't shut down numbers like these.

Positive ratings


winnipeg regional health authority gc413 general centre university of manitoba winnipeg


ontario genomics institute 757 3rd ave new york


cooperative de cablodistribution de l'arriere-pays sainte-brigitte-de-laval


university of manitoba 140 university ctr university of manitoba winnipeg


national bank of canada 27777 franklin rd 1570 southfield


university of alberta 114 street-89 avenue edmonton


leo hamel sawyerville

Annoying ratings


Balkan woman


Spam call from someone "calling for a friend" inquiring with a bunch of questions about a vehicle I had posted for sale on Kijiji. Told me his name was Mahommad from Halifax, NS. Reverse phone look up listed the number as a Wendy's Restaurant in Bridgewater,NS. When I called the number back I got no answer.


this is my voice mail but i dont know why? i should be calling my own number


Financial services for loans


Annoying spamming telemarketer, number coming in long-distance from New York -- I'm in Toronto, Canada. Added to blocked and rejected caller listings. This company ignores federal "do not call" registries. Claims to be official representative of Google. They are not. FRAUD. BEWARE.




This thread contains another copy/paste garbage post from the Toronto SPAMMER.

Neutral ratings


There is no name in the caller ID. The call was transferred to my answering machine; a pre-recorded voice message asking for donations was left. This number is registered to the Canadian Diabetes Association in the Peel region of Mississauga.I have uploaded the voice message to for anyone that wants to hear it. I will leave this number blocked because I do not want to answer autodialers/robocalls.


only rang a few short rings....then hung up...received this on my very private cell phone through Roger's


Recorded message touting a debt reduction scheme.I reported these scumbags on the CRTC's DNCL site (, but they're probably using a spoofed phone number. Doesn't matter to me, though. I've blocked their number, anyway.


already sent


Same thing happened to me as the situations below... but from their 416-928-1560 number. RUDE guy called... then i called back and i'm pretty sure it was him saying he'd speak to the rude individual and that he was from Canada Foods. soo weird!


recording about hotels in area


This number called my phone and left a message. When I listened to the message, it said: "Hey, (my name) call me back right away!"But I had no idea who it was. So I called back because it sounded like it could've been one of my friends. He knew my name, and said that my number was in his iPhone. He said we must've met a couple months ago, or maybe we had eachother on facebook. I then assured him that I didn't meet him or have him on facebook, but he still insisted that we knew eacho

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