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First date of search 2018-09-15 22:53:46
Last search 2020-08-07 01:24:07
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bell canada-enterprise group toronto


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RBC Robocall




CBV Collections


global debt collector

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crescent logic inc kitchener-waterloo


statistics canada 120 parkdale avenue ottawa


university of waterloo 200 university avenue west pac 2054 waterloo


government of saskatchewan room 125-3085 albert street regina regina

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Canadian company selling outsourced email hosting with anti-spam


I couldn't find any info for this specific number, but there are two facts: people do search for this number which can be seen from different similar pages, and there are more similar numbers reported (just last 2 or 3 digits alternated) - so I assume this


Google search on this number reveals that this is a fax number for Globex Windows ( Given the propensity of Windows& Doors companies to telespam, what's the bet this is an attempt to fax-spam the GTA? Called this number back: it rang 6 or so times and then someone or something picked up the line and I heard fast, consistent speed tone-dialling - probably the fax machine trying to connect out again.


Not this freaking garbage again. Where do all these phone spammers come from? Bank of America in Canada? Yeah, right. Screen this number before they even call you.

Neutral ratings


A gentleman with a heavy foreign accent called our home number very late in the evening. It was a recording at first, telling us to stay on the line for important information, they had tried to call us before, this was their last attempt, our car warranty was about to change, etc... It said my husband was 2nd in the que. The gentleman came on the line and my husband asked him what was going on. The man got aggitated and told him he needed the make and model of our car because our warranty was about to be dr


These bastards have been calling me relentlessly for YEARS offering to sell me Cialis from "Canada" with s strong Indian accent.I've threatened them with everything I can think of but they call and call and call and call. . .


2:10 pm 5-28-09 message from Samuel Parker, saying he was from National Healthcare Association, reaching out to help those who are uninsured and left message saying we are prequalified for medical insurance for $3 a day and to call him back at 1-877-827-7861. Message is on new Sprint phone, not used for phone calling much. caller ID says the call is from 514-542-1285


If you are a T-Mobile customer, there is an excellent solution. The Samsung T-109 has a blocking feature where you can block an unlimited amount of specific #s. Legal Debt Assistance is the name of the company that is harassing people with their calls, and they call from multiple #s. I plan on getting this phone since I am a T-Mobile customer and blocking every call from the scum company.

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