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Phone number: 4167987725

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Average rating (1-10) 10
Number of comments 6
First date of search 2018-09-21 01:44:28
Last search 2020-05-28 18:13:30
Number of searches 149
Number of reviews 6
Country Canada
Country code +1 (001)
City Ontario (Toronto Metro)
Directional local 416 (0416)
Code 1416 (001416)
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metalworking machinery manufacturing


l a c machine&tooling ltd 100 audia crt concord


industrial machinery manufacturing


l a c machine&tooling ltd 100 audia court plant 300 connie cresent c vaughan


lac machine & tooling ltd 100 audia court concord


descor manufacturing ltd 100 audia court concord


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SCAM!!! BIG TIME!This is the major scam that is going on here in Canada. They leave a message stating that they are from CRA (Canada Revenue Agency).If you get this, DO NOT.. .I MEAN DO NOT!!! CALL THEM BACK!!!CRA does NOT make calls like this to people! NEVER!They threaten people to try and make them send money, which of course, again, CRA NEVER EVER does!Do NOT get sucked into them, not matter what they say on the message or even if you get a live person.SCAM BIG TIME! I jut can't emphasize it enough


Telemarketer no doubt. Nothing but silence.


Bell Canada scam


Canada Revenue Agency scam


no message

Positive ratings


queensway carleton hospital 3045 baseline rd nepean


vtm tool&automation 220 bayview dr unit 19-22 barrie


alcan cable corporation 1188 sherbrooke street west montreal


rpc technical solutions centre 921 college hill road fredericton


albrico services (1982) ltd 8549, 112 st grande prairie

Annoying ratings


Answer it next time


Called me today, said he's doing a survey on top photographers in my area, haha! told him I'd call back since reception was so bad, but decided to google the number first. didn't get a chance to know what he really wanted, so no comment on that.


annoying won't stop calling


TELUS 公司的服务电话


Ottawa Vanier NDP

Neutral ratings


Automated message about winning a free Carribean cruise. Toronto area.


not recognize, they hide the name funny is they call two years ago use the number is 905-266-0474 and now use 905 266-0475


Alexis ... interesting. Mine is a Magic Jack number as well with only a handful of people that it's been given to. But I did use it one time on the net because they wanted a US number and I'm in Canada. So I used that one. Thanks for solving that mystery.


As with all the other complaints, we get a phonecall from this person almost every day, sometimes twice a day. The message is: "This is your last chance to get our credit card rates lowered." When I answer the phone, sometimes there is nobody on the other line. When I call back, I get this very agitated voice re. my credit cards. It is a recording. Once I got a live person on the line, and when I asked her which credit card she was talking about, she hung up. All very ennoying. Where can we compla


Just got that call too. The recording was so garbled I couldn't tell who I was a valued customer of. If it did say Rogers, that's funny. I'm on Telus.

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