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Phone number: 4165889002

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Average rating (1-10) 10
Number of comments 14
First date of search 2018-09-20 23:37:39
Last search 2020-08-07 01:28:49
Number of searches 163
Number of reviews 14
Country Canada
Country code +1 (001)
City Ontario (Toronto Metro)
Directional local 416 (0416)
Code 1416 (001416)
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softchoice corporation 173 dufferin street,suite 200 toronto


softchoice corporation suite 200 173 dufferin street toronto


softchoice corporation 173 dufferin toronto


softchoice corporation toronto


softchoice corporation 3070 ingelton lane oakville


softchoice corporation 173 dufferin st, suite 200 toronto


softchoice corporation 173 dufferin street toronto


softchoice corporation 173 dufferin st , ste 200 toronto


softchoice corporation 173 dufferin street, suite 200, toronto


softchoice corporation 173 dufferin st toronto


softchoice corporation 173 dufferin street, suite 200 toronto


softchoice corporation 173 dufferin st ste 200 toronto


softchoice corporation 2985 virtual way, suite 150 vancouver


softchoice corporation 173 dufferin st suite 110 toronto


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Number of views : 20431220
Hits today : 2002
Number of comments : 371441
Positive ratings : 366780
Neutral ratings : 2139
Annoying ratings : 201
Dangerous ratings : 2321

Dangerous ratings


Scam. Don't answer


Soliciting for some kind of debit/credit card merchant services.


Fake CRA (Scam call)


This is the phone number to a scam. I was asked to purchase a $400 Steam card to verify I had money in my bank account.


Pretends to be Inland Revenue Canada.


Kept calling many times.


nuisance call


He wants to discuss the investment program he is setting up for the boss - says he has talked to him about it already. Total lie. When the boss discusses things like this, he has me set up a folder with the person's information and proposal. Then he sends the information to his accountant to make sure it is a proposal that is viable. This guy could not even pronounce the boss's last name - and it's an easy one. Didn't know our address either. If he had been here, he would. I didn't tell him - don't want him


They left a message saying they were from the canada revenue agency and that i or my attorney get in touch right away because of an urgent matter.

Positive ratings


chum, hospital notre-dame 1560 rue sherbrooke east montreal


provincial government of british columbia po box 9410, stn prov gov victoria


alberta teachers' association


government of alberta po box 7500 drumheller


government of new brunswick p o box 6000 chestnut complex 3rd floor fredericton


montreal transit corporation soci├âăĺ├é┬ęt├âăĺ├é┬ę de transport de montr├âăĺ├é┬ęal montreal


the relizon company 1498 se tech center pl vancouver


university of british columbia ponderosa annex g12 vancouver


mildred hall school

Annoying ratings


I don't answer unknown numbers and they left no message. Have missed calls from them on my mobile, was trying to dig some info on the internet before calling them back, but found nothing, no luck. People pls did someone answer this number, who is it?


I was trying to find some info about this number online but no success … Any experience with it anyone? You guys helped me a greatly with the last one… so hopefully someone here will know this one, too. Thanks in advance!


Stupid idiots keep calling over and over and over just like their sister company, who is calling from this number in Ontario, Canada, 613-230-2890, apparently asking for the exact same information. I yelled at the man on the other end to never call back, the number he called is on the DO NOT CALL LIST and he will be reported. And I followed through with the Quebec number and the Ontario number. Sick of SPAM!


Well at least these spamtards didn't leave a blank voicemail message this time - 2008-04-22 @ ~1835h ET.


They texted me instead of called. They are a debt collection service.


Not sure if this is pertinent, but called at 5:00 PM, will update later if it happens again


что-то предлагают, надоедают


Feb 4, 2014 @15:18 MSTGot the standard automated message - something along the lines of: 'Congratulations! For being a valued Telus customer, we have a prize. Press 1 to accept." I was busy today and didn't have time to play around with them. The BIG DIFFERENCE between this call and the numerous others I have received in the past, is that they are now spoofing an actual valid & working phone number. The number actually belongs to a company who has no clue or connection to this phone-spamm


recorded message regarding recent power outages

Neutral ratings


Received call from number 514-977-8983, automated message stating that I have been selected to get 260000 reward points from air miles, messages says if I wish to accept points to press 1 on my keypad. Got this type of call before, when you press 1 the call ends.


The Area code 647 is the Overlay Area Code for the Toronto Region, in North America. So, calls that begin with 647 are originating at a switch that has support for that area code. This means an OUTBOUND agency can rent a block of phone numbers, and use it for a Specific Campaign or a pool of Outbound IDs.Currently, as of 2014-01-17 , In Ontario, there are TWO By-Elections on the go, and this particular number is being used from a Donation Campaign Office of the Ontario PC Party. It is a 3rd party office ,th


w h canada ls parlin middlesex 08859-1689


They are:CollectCorpP. O. Box: 960Phoenix, Arizona 85001(877) 719-7015400 E Van Buren St Ste 900Phoenix, AZ 85004-2259455 N 3rd St Ste 260Phoenix, AZ 85004-3937602-443-2920 300 International DrWilliamsville, NY 14221716-626-3524Collectcorp Corporation DBA Collectcorp415 Yonge Street Suite 2000Toronto, Canada M5B 2E7800-565-6164FAX 416-961-2035Web Site: N/AContract Administration Source: Debbie Hayhow, Vice President of Client Servicesdhayhow@collectcorp.com800-565-6164See also:


Called them back. They said they would remove my number from their list.


I have rec'd calls from this number two times approximately 1 week apart. When I called back, it was a fax number. What is the purpose of this call?


a bother


There is no name in the caller ID. The call was transferred to my answering machine; no message was left. When I search for this number online, I only found a home address in the GTA. I do not recognize the name or address.The number is most likely spoofed; I live in the GTA; we are still being targeted by "Air Duct Cleaning Services"; I suspect it is them. I will leave this number blocked.


need canada number

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