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Phone number: 4162036565

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Phone number security level
Average rating (1-10) 10
Number of comments 8
First date of search 2018-09-20 22:09:20
Last search 2020-05-25 01:21:36
Number of searches 159
Number of reviews 8
Country Canada
Country code +1 (001)
City Ontario (Toronto Metro)
Directional local 416 (0416)
Code 1416 (001416)
Remarks This number is secure

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platespin, ltd 144 front street west, suite 385 toronto


platespin, ltd 340 king street east, suite 200 toronto


platespin, ltd 144 front st w, ste 385 toronto


novell, inc 144 front st w toronto


platespin, ltd 200-340 king street east toronto


platespin, ltd 144 front street west suite 385 toronto


platespin, ltd 340 king street east suite 200 toronto


platespin, ltd toronto


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Annoying ratings : 201
Dangerous ratings : 2321

Dangerous ratings


calls a lot


CRA do not proceed this way, it is a long procedure with a lot of steps before they seize assets.


Allegedly from Southeast Financial Credit Union, a legitimate bank in Tennessee. However, the 905 area code's in Ontario, Canada. It's obviously a scam, wanting your SSN and account number. (If it's really a bank's security department contacting me, then obviously they should already have my information.) The credit union has a warning on their site about it, stating it's a scam. Just hang up when the automated voice comes on.


Pre recorded message that you must call back of face the consequences. Have read other reviews from people who have actually called back and they immediately ask for sensitive personal information (SIN number amongst others). Likely attempting identity fra


Had an automoted message telling me it was from Canada Revenue Agency saying there was a lawsuit under my name and if I did not return the call there would be a warrant issued for my arrest.


threatens arrest warrant

Positive ratings


design line studio 158 don hillock drive aurora


nova scotia community college 36 arthur st truro


government of ontario, canada 2nd flr 114 worsley st barrie


domtar corp 395 de maisonneuve blvd w montreal


health canada canadian health network 391 york avenue winnipeg


transport canada st john's airport, po box 21247 st john's


objectworld communications corp ottawa

Annoying ratings


Telus selling bundling of internet and phone


Compare the WHOIS info for and - identical information. No co-incidence that Xentel DM have been calling on behalf of the Shriners the same days they've been telespamming for the Old-timers' Hockey Challenge:CallBlock (416) 840-3098 TMG Call Blocked 2010-02-26 16:00:14CallBlock 647-722-5912 TMG Call Blocked 2010-02-26 19:27:01


Am a mauritian and i filled in a form online for an application for immigration in Canada. Since then this number start calling me n once, i answered the call. They told me that they are helping people to get in Canada foe immigration.


Very "Important Message" apparently from Air Mile Canada as indicated by pre-recordingProvider Phone Company: BELL CANADALine Type: Land LineSwitch: TOROON01DS0Telemarketer SPAM


: i hung up when i didn't hear anything for 2 seconds


I put my numbed to try to get my canadian visa or residence and i didnt think they would call me


Called twice within seconds. Didn't leave a message either time.

Neutral ratings


This person is very persistent. I get about calls a day some quite late. No indication who the call is from.


These bastards have been calling me relentlessly for YEARS offering to sell me Cialis from "Canada" with s strong Indian accent.I've threatened them with everything I can think of but they call and call and call and call. . .


Teleperformance Canada


Received a voice message from Mr. Mizzi of Accounts Recovery Corp. (888-248-9615 x 3114) this guy is a total fool. Inept at best. He claims I owe his company money. I am a US citizen have lived in the great USA all my life, he is from Canada and says the debt is with CIBC(who ever that is) never been to Canada and based on the way this fool has conducted himself I don't plan to vist anytime soon.


I just received yet another call from Sears from 514-876-1316. I've asked them many times to stop and never call. If we want any of the crap you're selling we'll ask for it. I got the supervisor on the phone and told him that because you keep calling we're canceling our Sears card and that if they call again I'll have them brought up on charges. I immediately signed up with my phone company to call block up to 12 numbers. It'll cost my $6.00 per month but its well worth it not


No one there. Dead. Creeps me out when that happens. I've been told that if it is an 'out of country' type phonecall - the kind that has a delay & echo...just start hitting the 9 about 8 times and this will screw up their recording capability and your home number will not get back on their list...or so I've been told!


This number is constantly showing up on my caller id; out of curiosity I chose to answer it this one time.A guy asked to speak with Mrs.***, I asked who was calling and he said "this is Herb calling from Canada Fine Foods" then the line disconnected.I immediately called the number back and it rang forever.I am on the Do Not Call Registry. Quite frustrating as I find it doesn't seem to work overly well.Canada Fine Foods does not exist. There is however, a Canadian Fine Foods but their number i

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