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First date of search 2019-09-05 18:08:03
Last search 2020-06-04 20:55:57
Number of searches 116
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Country Canada
Country code +1 (001)
City Southern Alberta (Calgar
Directional local 403 (0403)
Code 1403 (001403)
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Dangerous ratings


Investment scam


Guys claimed calling from ARO in regards to an "old Bell Canada account", then asked for my birthdate. I refused and said they first of all should not be calling my place of work. Guys response was: "Yes we can by legal! the calls will conti


The PRA Group is a junk debt buyer. As of January 1st, 2018 junk debt buyers are included in the Ontario Collections act. Before a collection agency can contact you they need to send you a written notice through regular mail (email doesn’t count). This notice must include: the name of the person or business that says you owe them money (known as the creditor) the amount of money that the creditor says you owe the name of the collection agency and a statement that the creditor has asked t

Positive ratings


deloitte&touche llp 111 s wacker dr chicago


service canada 140 promenade du portage gatineau


aliant inc 1827 highland mist ln san antonio


sungard 371 gough road markham

Annoying ratings


Just another local telejunker trying to sell windows or doors. CID was a clear enough sign not to pick up the phone. What is it about these Windows & Doors companies that gives them to propensity to telespam?




Answer it next time

Neutral ratings


Its a fax, on Ste hyacinthe, Québec,canada


This number called twice today (July 18, 2013) from Kenora, Ontario Canada. Never answer calls from names, numbers you do not recognize unless it's from a company you do business with.


this automated caller keeps calling me and won't leave me alone. she's called multiple times and finally i decided to pick up (i usually don't if i don't recognize the caller from my caller ID) i hung up when she asked me to spell my name and say it clearly so they can contact me in the near future. this is complete crap and why are they calling me anyways? i don't have kids and i live in canada.


Received a call from this number for the second time now. Both times, it was a woman looking to verify contact information of a close friend. Both times I gave her information that she already had. Since my friend has been looking for work, I thought she might have listed me as a reference. Not long after the first call, she told me that someone had shown up in the middle of the night to repossess a truck. I didn't make the connection until now, when the 2nd caller didn't ask me anything about her

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