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services voyance


pretending to be CRA threatening you to call back.


EOS canada. I've blocked 3 numbers they use..and they just use a new 1. slime


Some East Indian called and left a message saying I, or my "attorney of record", should return the call immediately, because of a time sensitive matter. Identified himself as Justin Williams. The call ended with "...If you don't return the call and I don't hear from you or your attorney, then the only thing I can do is wish you good luck." Read on other pages this is a scam

Positive ratings


provincial government of british columbia po box 9426 stn prov govt victoria


fasken martineau dumoulin toronto


government of new brunswick p o box 6000 chestnut complex 3rd floor fredericton


provincial government of british columbia 1953 windsor road kelowna

Annoying ratings


Called me with regards to a delayed bag with Air Canada


Google search on this number reveals that this is a fax number for Globex Windows ( Given the propensity of Windows& Doors companies to telespam, what's the bet this is an attempt to fax-spam the GTA? Called this number back: it rang 6 or so times and then someone or something picked up the line and I heard fast, consistent speed tone-dialling - probably the fax machine trying to connect out again.


They were trying to get a hold of someone else, who apparently gave them my cell number

Neutral ratings


the government allows this!Youtube: "Sandy Hoax", filter by 'Today' and watch for a couple of hours...


another DAMN Canadian telemarketer. there is a special place in hell for you!


Here's a the cheapest down jacket sales.Come on. canada goose parka

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