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Phone number: 2048000203

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Average rating (1-10) 4
Number of comments 1
First date of search 2018-09-27 08:27:31
Last search 2020-05-25 01:48:02
Number of searches 106
Number of reviews 1
Country Canada
Country code +1 (001)
City Manitoba
Directional local 204 (0204)
Code 1204 (001204)
Remarks This number is neutral.

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This number is the main facsimile line for Rogers West Group, located at 201 Portage Avenue - 18th Floor in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada. If you are are receiving calls from this number, we would like to know. Rogers West has no outbound calling on this number and we would like to work with you to figure out who is spoofing our number and spamming you.We take the unauthorized use of our phone number very seriously.Kind Regards,Jason A. RogersPresident and CEORogers West Group Incorporated


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Number of views : 18739083
Hits today : 19388
Number of comments : 371441
Positive ratings : 366780
Neutral ratings : 2139
Annoying ratings : 201
Dangerous ratings : 2321

Dangerous ratings


This is a well-known scam artist named Elizabeth Afonso. She lives at 31 Bethune Way, Markham, Ontario, L3S 4A5 Canada. Her parents are Antonio Afonso and Maria Ribeiro Afonso. She uses people's identities to commit fraud using online and local businesses. She also calls from her cell phone 416-414-9985 to people's homes and pretends to be from utility or cable companies and retries personal and private information and uses it for criminal activities. She has defrauded many people by opening accou


I have received a call from this phone number and I called them back right away. They asked for my name (I provided) then my SIN#. I told them that I will not provide that to them until I know what is the phone call about. I asked them is they can find the requested information through my name. They said no. Then I told them that there have been these scams going around and therefore will not provide my SIN#. I then asked questions like: Who are you? Where are you calling from? From which province? And why


Received a call this morning and did not answer. I was left a voicemail threatening legal action. Never said my name, who he was or where he was calling from. Its a scam


Typical claim: you owe taxes and are about to be arrested. They want you to go get iTunes gift cards to send them money

Positive ratings


tri-peek canada ltd concord


kenora district services board 211 princess street suite 1 dryden


ryerson university 350 victoria street toronto


government of alberta 150 dennis st sw tumwater

Annoying ratings


diabetes society seeking clothing donations


I couldn't find any info for this specific number, but there are two facts: people do search for this number which can be seen from different similar pages, and there are more similar numbers reported (just last 2 or 3 digits alternated) - so I assume this


Govmt of Canada info call regarding license renewal reminders


Compare the WHOIS info for and - identical information. No co-incidence that Xentel DM have been calling on behalf of the Shriners the same days they've been telespamming for the Old-timers' Hockey Challenge:CallBlock (416) 840-3098 TMG Call Blocked 2010-02-26 16:00:14CallBlock 647-722-5912 TMG Call Blocked 2010-02-26 19:27:01

Neutral ratings


first 2 calls had the number as caller ID 416-847-1151, third call showed 'Private Caller'


Tries to spoof unavailable call rejection service from phone company (which I don't have!), then, if you push 2, it just goes in a loop. Pushing 1 sometimes results in a person answering, who I have asked repeatedly to stop calling.


that number is a redirectory service! complete waste of time.


WARNING ACID ATTACK ON WOMAN.PRIME SUSPECT ROBIN LAYBOURN.Does anyone recognize any of these men? (brutal acid attack in surrey) contact crime stoppers 1-800-222-TIPS with any information regarding this attack and the men who may be involved......we also believe that other men were involved in the planning of this targeted attack and we will be contacting them for questioning......DAN LAYBOURN OF VALLEY MOTORSPORTS AND SAGA CANADA HAS BEEN IDENTIFIED AS A PRIME SUS

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