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Phone number: 2046976076

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Average rating (1-10) 7
Number of comments 1
First date of search 2018-09-27 19:31:31
Last search 2020-05-31 04:46:13
Number of searches 91
Number of reviews 1
Country Canada
Country code +1 (001)
City Manitoba
Directional local 204 (0204)
Code 1204 (001204)
Remarks This number is neutral.

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I got his number as a missed call in my "WhoCalled" service from rogers.Just one missed call. Who does this belong to? any Ideas?Should I call Back?Thanks!AAK.


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Number of views : 18831870
Hits today : 2896
Number of comments : 371441
Positive ratings : 366780
Neutral ratings : 2139
Annoying ratings : 201
Dangerous ratings : 2321

Dangerous ratings


spamming spamming


phoney call about natural gas energy refund - SCAM, SCAM, SCAM


I live in Ontario Canada, When it was ringing it said it was from Quebec. I called back twice, both time it rang once, and was cut off.


Unsolicited call

Positive ratings


greg mcleod 5670 drake hollow drive west farmington


turf-logic 49 leominster rd shirley


union savings


murgor resources inc kingston

Annoying ratings


il font leur job à toi de payer tes bills


Spam call from someone "calling for a friend" inquiring with a bunch of questions about a vehicle I had posted for sale on Kijiji. Told me his name was Mahommad from Halifax, NS. Reverse phone look up listed the number as a Wendy's Restaurant in Bridgewater,NS. When I called the number back I got no answer.


Google search on this number reveals that this is a fax number for Globex Windows ( Given the propensity of Windows& Doors companies to telespam, what's the bet this is an attempt to fax-spam the GTA? Called this number back: it rang 6 or so times and then someone or something picked up the line and I heard fast, consistent speed tone-dialling - probably the fax machine trying to connect out again.


They were trying to get a hold of someone else, who apparently gave them my cell number

Neutral ratings


I retn'd this call, continuous playing of a recording in French and English, no one ever answered. Press #01 to block this number after call received. Telus cannot do anything about the calls & suggests calling Cdn Marketing to register complaint 416-391-2362, or Privacy Complaints 1-800-567-0000.


Who are these people TFZ??


canada christopher clark union 07066-1512


person keeps calling, but when I call them back they just pick up and then hang up... wtf

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