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Caller said I am from talktalk,?!! I hung up,


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They are Canadian scammers. They send you a huge cheque and tell you to deposit it then transfer it into their account but it is a fake cheque which will bounce from your bank. So you'll have transferred your own money. They go by the name "MFX Investments"


Seems to be some call center, I can see more similar numbers (all the same range 90561270xx, just last 2 digits different) reported here already. No idea who is behind it, they left no message, no VM. I really don't answer unknown numbers, tried to dig some info about this number first on internet, but no luck so far. People did someone answer it?


Poor quality call. loud background noise, annoying accent. Claims money is owed, call back or have attorney call, if not, well he "wishes good luck". These need to be stopped but won't be. The reason? Telephone companies make money from these sca


Do not answer

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steelrite 500 edward avenue richmond hill


avnet, inc 103 8288 saba road richmond


algorithmics incorporated 185 spadina avenue toronto


aptilon 460, ste-catherine street west suite 801 montreal

Annoying ratings


I was trying to find some info about this number online but no success … Any experience with it anyone? You guys helped me a greatly with the last one… so hopefully someone here will know this one, too. Thanks in advance!


Stupid idiots keep calling over and over and over just like their sister company, who is calling from this number in Ontario, Canada, 613-230-2890, apparently asking for the exact same information. I yelled at the man on the other end to never call back, the number he called is on the DO NOT CALL LIST and he will be reported. And I followed through with the Quebec number and the Ontario number. Sick of SPAM!


il font leur job à toi de payer tes bills


Xentel DM: fundraising telejunkers-for-hire ( Noting all the CID's I've ever had from this persistent telemarketer that does not honour DNC requests. Additional notes: number is from announcer on 519-489-0293, meaning that calls have not been received from 800-784-9163, but that this is an inbound number for the same telespammer.

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This number belongs to: Global Credit and Collection Corporation, 300 International Drive, Suite 100, Williamsville, NY 14221-5781They are a collection agency. Corporate office: 8133 Warden Avenue, Suite 400, Markham, ON, L6G 1B3Global Credit & Collection Inc., is a Canadian corporation that provides accounts receivable management solutions to the business community throughout Canada. Global awarded “Rookie of the Year” by Capital One Bank09/2007: Global


Bad robotic voice claiming to be calling because my "number" was randomly chosen for a free weekend stay at Marriot Hotels. Press one and you get a jamaican on the line who won't deviate from the script or answer questions. They ask if your the "credit Card" holder. And if you won't answer their question they hang up.


Messages me (txt) and asks if I am so and so (my name) and I ask who this is and he won't tell me saying I didn't answer his question. I told him he called me so he has to tell me who he is before I will divulge anything. He says a friend gave him my number and I tell him my friends don't give out my number without my permission. Then he says he found my number and was bet he wouldn't call me. I told him I Am not the person he is looking for. He keeps messaging me and I still have no clu


Canadian Liquid Air Ltd4621 Burgoyne StMississauga ON, L4W 1G3Phone #: 905-625-3851Fax #: 905-625-1233

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