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This number must be part of the range of numbers dedicated to the same call center - I can see more similar numbers of the same range 64755955xx reported already, mostly with Financial services - Debt collectors. In the case of this number they left no mes




Spam xall


it says this is a call centre on my phone

Positive ratings


alberta securities commission 4th fl stock exchange tower 300-5 avenue sw calgary


alberta mobile air services edmonton


government of canada, veteran's affairs 145 government road west bag service 4000 kirkland lake


skura suite 701 6711 mississauga rd mississauga

Annoying ratings


This Cell phone number belongs to a Joe Baptista - Internet Loon and destructive agitator / list bully. This person is known to fax spam government offices, creating the impetus for legislation being passed to provide special cases of exception for freedom of information requests to be ignored by the Canadian government. Mr. Baptista has stalked and slandered the Police chief of London, Ontario, causing a libel case to be brought against him (which he lost) and subsequently ignoring the court orders and lev


They were trying to get a hold of someone else, who apparently gave them my cell number


I couldn't find any info for this specific number, but there are two facts: people do search for this number which can be seen from different similar pages, and there are more similar numbers reported (just last 2 or 3 digits alternated) - so I assume this


I had contacted this place for info about steel storage buildings now they call every now and then

Neutral ratings


This a phone number for Barry reagh. Anyone know of him?


This is the 2nd call in as many months from Shop At Home Foodservice. While they may be a respectible business, they are not definately following the rules of the Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commisssion, as far as telemarketing, or Automated Dialing and Announcement Devices(ADAD), as stipulated in the rules.Either of the following scenarios would apply.A) They are *NOT* paying attention to their rental of 'Do Not Call' Numbers from the CRTC, orB) Their Auto-Dialer, even when programmed a


Hadn't heard from these cretins in a few months, so I thought they'd gone away. No such luck!Still the same spiel about refinancing credit card debt.


The caller was Synovate Canada, a market research/survey company. The call originated from their call center based in Vancouver, B.C.

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